About us

If you wish to use the music tracks freely, and 100% legally, in your audiovisual projects, then our music library is exactly what you are looking for. Receive original music tracks, free of copyrights, directly from our digital music library. We have a high quality repertoire with a wide range of music tracks for you to choose from.

This initiative is only possible because the owner retain his copyright and other related rights over his phonograms, as well as retain all rights over his musical work.

Some music tracks in this site have been used in the following national and international films: The Fortune Teller, Burning Hearts, 3:00 AM, O Próximo Passo, Minas Portuguesa, Filhos de Adão, Lost in Abbey Road, Vivalma, Manuelzão e Bananeira, Ofélia, Opostos, Jogando para o Amanhã, Trem Fantasma, The Man of Cardboard Head, Next Evil, Um Dia Qualquer, Nego, Human Being, Alone in the Hell, "Desafios", "Oswaldo França Júnior" and Reenactment.

Virtual Studio BH

The Virtual Studio BH has the human and technological capability of producing, recording, mixing, and re-mastering the right music for your audiovisual project. The music can be found in both DIGITAL MAC and PC platforms, using modern interfaces, sequencing and recording software, as well as sounds from the latest technology in digital keyboards.